drew Q



: 'No Gold -- No Stones -- No Exoteric Ways'

She employs materials outside the normal periphery of jewellery.

Her extravagant body decorations are fabricated from such things as plastic tubing, screws, rubber cockroaches, ball bearings,
soy sauce cartouches & shower curtain rings.

Many designs are multifunctional; the same piece can ornament various parts of the body depending on your mood.
Her global wanderings inspire & influence a considerable slice of her work.

ACADEMIC HISTORY:............Spread Van Gough

2 years Jewellery Design at Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
Restless for adventure she left the Academy early to assimilate World aesthetics.

drew Q speaks and scribes fluently in
Flemish, French and English.


is a photographer/jewellery designer. Having spent her first 21 years in Belgium, she has lived in Australia, Pakistan, Thailand.
And now currently resides in Tehran.